Our Story

In the beginning there was only darkness, there was no home for good coffee on the Lower North Shore. So three friends came together, each with their own distinct set of superpowers in an attempt to fill that void. Their aspirations and hard work culminated with the inception of what came to be known as Against the Grind Neutral Bay. It was an effortlessly stylish establishment, where all the surrounding community could parlay their morning fix of delicious coffee and unwind to a soundtrack of good tunes and hospitable service.

So it came to be, and from darkness came light, and the three friends became a team of dedicated and wonderful young people, committed to providing each and every guest a memorable experience.

What we are best at

Our Providers

All our ingredients are sourced from the best producers and purveyors possible. Our breads are from Brickfields. Artisan bakers in Chippendale. Our gluten free bread is made with love by Nonie. Our cuts are prepared for us by Dolce Vita fine Italian Butchers. Our fish comes in fresh daily from Claudio's Seafoods. Our bagels are Brooklyn Boy Bagel and we use the finest Kalamata Olive oil, produced by our family in limited quantities for almost 100 years.