What we believe in
We stress about coffee, so you don’t have to

Our Coffee

At Against the Grind our number one priority is getting your coffee right. That's why we source our beans from Campos coffee, who are in our humble opinion the best and most consistent coffee purveyors and roasters in Australia.

We work closely with campos to develop our superior blends and to locate the best single origins from all over the world, so that we can offer them to you our beloved customers. Our Baristas are highly trained professionals who strive for perfection in every single coffee they make. All these factors make us the number one coffee destination on the lower North Shore.

Our Food

We keep things simple when it comes to food, we use the freshest products available from the best sources and we make everything from scratch and we make it to order. That’s why when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner at ATG you are getting the best artisanal products from our bread to our eggs. We are fully licensed.